The Fulani People

Fulani people are one of the largest ethnic groups in the Sahel and West Africa: Ghana included.

Fulani does not mean crime

Fulani is not an illegality

Fulani is not a lessor human

Fulani is more than a cattle herder

Fulani is human

Fulani is beautiful

Fulani is productivity

Fulani is wealth

Fulani is survival

Like all other tribes, the Fulani people have contributed their share in strengthening the socio-economic, political, academic, research and population of Ghana. #Fulani is not a derogatory word, it is the name of a people, it is the tribe of our brothers and sisters, neighbor’s, colleagues, bosses, etc.

We can only develop if we work together in love and respect as one people. #Ilovefulani #Fulanilivesmatter

I am not Fulani, I am just the peoples’ people!! One love.

By Michael Matuk Doku

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