Dutch Government determines to make Ghana’s poultry industry robust

The world’s giant in the poultry production, the Netherlands, says, it is determined to make Ghana’s poultry production more robust and competitive in no time.

Through this, the Dutch embassy in Ghana is partnering with poultry farmers and actors in the sector to explore the numerous business opportunities that exist in the poultry value chain in Ghana.

According to the Agricultural counselor at the Dutch Embassy, Mr Bram Wits, their government is therefore, ready to provide free Technical know – assistance, logistics and basic principles to support the local actors in the Poultry production to maximize its operations and yields

During a roundabout discussion on what both the Dutch and Ghanaian businesses look out for in terms of effective collaboration at a strategic level, Mr Bram wits say the embassy and its government is committed to providing the highest level of leadership and directions to the present businesses.

The Netherlands produces 10.8 billion eggs and 1million tons of poultry meat annually to feed its citizenry and the rest of the world, which Ghana is of no exception.

Speaking under the theme” making Ghana’s poultry production sustainable and competitive: opportunities for trade and investment with the Dutch”, Mr Bram Wits, was optimistic, that, the effective collaboration would be of great importance to the two countries.

The prime motive behind the poultry round-table discussion which was held in Kumasi at True Vine Hotel was to foster the Dutch and Ghanaian businesses the chance to exchange information and ideas and the prospect that is available for all actors in the poultry industry.

The Dutch businesses mainly use modern techniques and technologies in the production process, while, the Ghanaian folks are relying on the traditional methods of poultry practices.

In the Netherlands, poultry waste is used to generate biomass and fertilizers for its citizenry.

In the area of modern technology, eggs have their own, unique numbers on them, this makes it easy to find out the producer in case of default or of low quality.

However, the story looks different in Ghana, hence the new strategy to tap into the trade investment opportunities readily available for the development of the poultry sector.

In the case of Ghana, policies design to scale up the poultry production has flopped, due to lack of commitment on the part of the policymakers.

They include the Cockerel Project (2009), SADA Guinea Fowl Production Project (2013), Broiler Revitalisation Project (2015), CSIR-ARI ARIBRO Project (2015) and the Livestock Policy and Strategic Document (2016).

To achieve this, the National Chairman of the Ghana National Association of poultry farmers Mr Victor Oppong Adjei said, we need a strong and formidable policy decision backed by administrative will.

He called on investors to take advantage of the huge investment opportunities that exist in the poultry business.

Mr Adjei, entreated the Dutch government to re- position the local poultry industry since, there exist a multi-million dollar opportunity, which stands to be of great benefits to the two countries.

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